NYC 911 Cancer Claim Attorneys | Hansen & Rosasco, LLP

Wherever You Live Today, We Can Help if You Were in One of the September 11 Exposure Zones

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, New Yorkers picked up the pieces and tried to get the City back on its feet. This took the efforts of everyone. From the thousands of first responders and volunteers to the downtown workers and area residents, each person played a vital role in helping the City try to recover.

Unfortunately, the environmental studies conducted after 9/11 confirm, beyond any doubt or question, that anyone present within a mile and a half of Ground Zero (or essentially anywhere in Lower Manhattan) on 9/11 or during the days and many months that followed were exposed to hundreds of toxins. As a result, thousands have received diagnoses of many different types of cancer, lung conditions, and a host of other illnesses — cancers and diseases all directly linked to the exposure to the 9/11 fallout. Many who were exposed to the 9/11 toxins have also since passed away.

At Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, we have a full-time legal team devoted to helping our clients get the medical care and treatment they deserve through the World Trade Center Health Program[1]. Our 9/11 lawyers then work diligently to help you file a Victim Compensation Fund[2] claim if you are eligible. Our law firm has helped responders, survivors, and their families recover some of the largest monetary awards from the VCF to date. That is because helping those sickened by the September 11th toxins is all we do.

If you live in New York and believe you might qualify for the WTC Health Program or VCF, we are close by. You can find us in Midtown Manhattan at 767 Third Avenue, Suite 2410, just blocks from Grand Central Station or the E train stop at Lexington Avenue. Our Midtown location allows us to provide east access to clients from Manhattan and other outer boroughs as well as Long Island and Westchester County. So whether you live in Manhattan or in the suburbs, we can help. We also offer remote services for survivors and families that live across the United States—people who worked or lived in the exposure zone and have since moved away, while many of the out-of-area responders and volunteers who flooded into the city to help with the rescue and cleanup efforts returned home long ago.

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